A little more about yours truly.

I'm an artist and advocate of all things wild and free. The Pacific Northwest is my home and my inspiration for my paintings and drawings. I live a life that is close to nature as possible, as I believe she is the greatest teacher in both life and art.

I've been painting and drawing since I could even remember. It's second nature to me, and if I'm not creating, I'm simply not myself. I enjoy detail-oriented acrylic work, watercolor, as well as ink and graphite. I also experiment with an array of different mediums and enjoy continually challenging and exposing myself to new things.

On this journey of mine, my goal is to inspire others to be brave and claim their creative destiny - to live a life they love, doing the work they love. All of us have something special to offer the world, and I believe it's our life's purpose to discover that attribute and share it with others. So join me on this journey and let's make the world a more beautiful, wonderful place!

Stay wild, 

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